Bethlehem Farm Capital Campaign

Bethlehem Farm is undergoing its first capital campaign. We are building one of the greenest projects in our history and this site has all of the information you need to know about how you can partner with us to make this dream a reality

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Why we're building

Want to know why Bethlehem Farm is undergoing its first capital campaign in its history? This section shares with you our vision for why we need this new caretaker residence.

The plan

Wonder what the new caretaker residence is going to look like? Want to know how the construction project will uphold our standards of sustainability? check this section out for information on our new residence.

Donate Now

As you know, Bethlehem Farm cannot make this dream of our new caretaker residence come true without your generous support. Please consider a donation and donate now to help us secure our bright future.

How you can help!

We cannot reach our fundraising goals without your generous support. Learn more about how to donate now, offer a no or low interest loan, or just spread the word and tell your family or friends about the campaign.